An Invention So Simple You Will Scream, "Why Didn't I Think Of That!"

Skinny Clip® Waistband Tightener



Skinny Clip® is a simple device for tightening the waistband of pants or skirts.

Simply slide Skinny Clip® onto your waistband, twist and hook.

Works with all fabric, pants, shorts, jeans, slacks and skirts.

Perfect for blue jeans that loosen up  during the day.

Available in many popular fabric colors, get one to match every outfit.


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90 Day Money Back Guarantee With Every Order!!

We just mailed out questionnaires to see how satisfied our customers are with Skinny Clip®, the results are coming in and they are overwhelmingly positive. In fact every email we have received so far is satisfied. That gives us the confidence to start offering a money back guarantee, but not just any guarantee.


We are so sure you will be satisfied with Skinny Clip® we are offering an unprecedented 90 day money back guarantee on all orders! If you are not satisfied for any reason just notify us within 90 days of receiving your order we will refund all your money. read more


Customer Testimonials


"The "skinny clip" has been a great tool that has helped me dress neatly and save money." Don


"I was very happily surprised. These things WORK! Quite honestly, I had my doubts, …" David M.


"...pants feel good in the morning, but are all stretched out later in the day.  Well now I carry a couple in my purse for those particular times." Dawn


"Skinny Clip is perfect because you don't need to fasten/unfasten a belt every time you go to the restroom, or to try on clothes"   Noel M.


"...check the mirror to see how great it makes your rear look."  Noel M.


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Skinny Clip® Reseller

Limited Time Offer!

Skinny Clip® is being offered on a limited basis, we are on the ground level of the product launch. We've manufactured 5,000 units and if they sell well, we will make a bigger batch and see if they sell out. It is possible that only one or two batches will be made, so we recommend you get one while you can. One thing for sure is that Skinny Clip® works great, I know that because people who own them, use them daily. And that means a lot for a new invention!!

Lose Weight, Keep Your Pants

Anyone who has lost a lot of weight knows that most of their old pants are unwearable because of the discomfort caused by the extra slack in the waistband. Wearing a belt is extremely uncomfortable when your pants are 4 sizes too big. Skinny Clip® neatly rolls up all the extra slack, making your favorite blue jeans comfortable again. Each Skinny Clip® reduce your waistband by 2 and 5 inches. The more you twist the tighter your pants or skirt gets.

100% American Made

When we started this project, we thought of course we'll make this in America, why not? Boy were we surprised to find most American injector molders do not want to work with inventors. And if you find one to work with, chances are they make their molds in China and more than likely, they manufacture their parts in China as well. Our molds were designed and manufactured in the USA. and every Skinny Clip® is made and packaged in the USA!!